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Shipped right to your door anywhere in Kansas.

Does “E.D.” also mean
“Expensive Drugs” to you?
It doesn’t have to!

Physicians Standing By

Need a prescription? Give us a call to chat with one of our TeleMed doctors.  You may be eligible for a prescription over the phone.  Call now!

Kollhoff Pharmacy

We have a dedicated team of counselors who assist men with their ED medication questions and concerns.

We offer Generic Viagra®

and Generic Cialis®

for less than $10 per tablet*!

We are an Independent Pharmacy in Junction City, Kansas and we have helped thousands of men afford their ED Medications.

  • Delivered Free to Your Door
  • 24×7 Services
  • Quick and Easy refills
  • Saving up to 85%
  • Medical Doctors waiting to help

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Kollhoff Pharmacy

We have a dedicated team of counselors that

assist men with their ED medication requests.

Our clients SAVE UP TO $40 PER DOSE!

Generic Viagra®

Are you having difficulty affording your Viagra® or other brand name ED medicine?

Generic Cialis®

Are you spending up to $275 or more to get 4 pills or less of Cialis®?

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You can fill out the refill request form below or use your smart phone to scan the barcode on your bottle using the “RefillRx® Mobile” app found in either Google Play or Apple App Store.
You have questions and we have answers.  Click to view some of our frequently asked questions.

“Stop paying more than you have to…

to feel the way you want to!”


We’ll try to help clear up any confusion you may have about your ED medication or dosing. Call today!

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Junction City, KS 66441

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Generic Viagra®

What strengths are covered in this promotion?
  • Both the 100mg. & 50mg. are available for $99 for #10 tablets. Minimum purchase of 10 tablets per order.  The best value for the patient that needs the 50mg. would be to request a prescription for 10 tablets of the 100mg. with a sig of “Take 1/2 tab as needed for sexual activity.”
Do I need to visit the pharmacy in Kollhoff Pharmacy?
  • No. Simply call one of our counselors who are standing by to help.  We have educated and assisted over 3,000 patients in the past 2 years and are now the largest Independent Pharmacy Provider that saves patients up to $50 / dose on their ED medications.
I don’t have an ED Prescription or mine has expired. Can you help?
  • Yes! Our physicians are standing by to chat with you!  You may be eligible to be issued a prescription over the phone. Why wait one more day than you have to?  Call today.
Does  insurance cover this prescription?
  • No, insurance doesn’t cover this and this will be a cash prescription.
How much are the shipping costs?
  • Shipping is FREE with the minimum order of 10 tablets.
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